Get to know Catie Ellis

Catie Ellis

VP of Client Relations

Catie, vice president of client relations, has been with Brittison Financial Group from its inception. Her positive energy and heart for people are the perfect fit for ensuring an excellent customer experience for every client. Cate’s involvement starts at the hiring stage, ensuring each team member is a perfect fit for the Brittison family, both personality-wise and professionally.

Whether it’s interior spaces, client events or client experiences, Cate’s true passion is design. Each office space, marketing design and event has Cate’s expert touch incorporating both our staff’s and our clients’ unique personalities, backgrounds and interests. With over 15 years of event planning experience, her knowledge, industry contacts and creativity are key ingredients in the success of the events Brittison holds throughout the year. 

Cate has been married to Phil for 34 years and is mother of two dear, sweet daughters. She is a part-time interior decorator and volunteer at Life Plan, a local nonprofit organization that helps ensure moms and their babies thrive. Cate counsels pregnant mothers to help them choose the best decision for their unborn babies. She is an active member of her church and in her free time, enjoys traveling, reading and spending time at the beach.